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Become a sustaining member

Looking for an effective way to make a difference? Become a monthly donor. For just $10 a month, you can help ensure that every child has access to education.


Invest in Literacy

Design a Campaign

Host a wine tasting, a games night, start a book drive using our carefully curated Amazon wishlist. Or how about starting a Facebook fundraiser or other online cause? It does not have to be fancy, just creative, and hundreds of children will thank you for it. 

Sponsor a Library Project

Individuals or groups may choose to "Sponsor a School" or library project by donating or raising funds for a specific local (preschool through high) school in Jamaica, based on our advertised or strategic needs. Funds would be used to supplement or establish a library, and cover ongoing library management, training, and other administrative costs for the specific school project. 

For tips on how to get started, click here

To start a Facebook fundraiser, click here


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