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Boy reading

Theory of Change

Girl reading


Reading Owls exists to increase the literacy levels of school-aged children, by creating child-friendly lending library spaces in disadvantaged communities in Jamaica. Our approach is designed to foster greater interest in reading and increased school readiness and fluency.


School-aged Jamaican children, especially primary and infant schools, ages 3 - 12 who reside in under-resourced communities. 


Providing Jamaican students access to high-quality, culturally relevant books and technology in a safe, child-friendly reading space will lead students to read more and become more school-ready.


  • Target constituencies lack access to a functioning lending library

  • Most parents in disadvantaged Jamaican communities do not have sufficient income to purchase books or information technology to have in the home

  • Regionally and nationally, poorer, Jamaican students lacking access to educational resources underperform in English and Math

Reading Ows Library, Charlton Infant
  • Increase access to books, supplemental educational materials and technology 

  • Create sustainable, effective library operations that are equipped to serve students in the community long-term


Reading Owls Library, Charton Infant Library, Jamaica

The library is beautiful. My favorite book is Black Panther.

Dante, student

My library card is like the key to a completely new life. 

Theo, student


  • Build and renovate child-friendly school lending libraries

  • Furnish libraries with enough books to ensure a minimum five (5) books per child

  • Furnish libraries with information technology and other learning manipulatives

  • Partner with school administrators, parents, local communities, the Ministry of Education, Jamaica Library Service and other grassroots organizations. Provide training, evaluations, recommendations and continuous support as needed


  • A world where every child has the resources to pursue their dreams and realize their full potential as educated, contributing members of society.

Reading Owls library
Reading owls library at Schoolfield; literacy teacher and kid


  • Increased access to culturally relevant materials and technology

  • Children are reading more and taking books home with them to read

  • Children are productively engaging with information technology

  • Libraries are well-maintained and operated

  • Parents, communities and local grassroots organizations are better trained, are connected to the school and supporting school library endeavors

Boy in Reading Owls library
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