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Education is just too important to have any barriers to access.

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, O.N., M.P.

About Us

Reading Owls International is a publicly supported, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with schools and community organizations in Jamaica to provide access to books and other learning resources for disadvantaged, school-aged children. 


ROI is managed by an experienced leadership team comprised of business executives, education and policy leaders, non-profit professionals, writers, entrepreneurs, and legal professionals. They provide strategic leadership and oversight in the areas of financial management and governance. 

Our Mission

We are committed to increasing the literacy levels of Jamaican school-aged children. We will do so by providing books and learning resources to schools and other organizations to expand existing libraries or to create new ones.

Our Vision

​We imagine a world in which every child has the educational resources to help him or her succeed. Every child can learn, and should be afforded the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Our Values



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We are crazy about the work we do


We strive to be ethical in our work and relationships

Fiscal Efficiency

We use our resources wisely and responsibly


We partner with grassroots organizations to accomplish more

Meet Our Founders

Our Story

Reading Owls International was founded by husband and wife team, Easton and Elaine Dickson. Frustrated by how little had changed in their childhood communities in Jamaica, and having a strong desire to give back, they started Reading Owls to partner with grassroots organizations that serve marginalized communities, by providing learning resources and libraries.


We are able to reach communities with the greatest need by capitalizing on the relationship of our founders, Easton and Elaine Dickson, with educators in under-served communities in Jamaica.  Our partnerships are formed after a thorough application process to ensure that our resources are stewarded by organizations that share our passion and vision for improving literacy.


"Going back to my hometown more than 40 years later and seeing there was still no library, I knew I had to do something to disrupt the cycle. I could not let another generation of young boys and girls grow up without reading a book."



"Despite leaving Jamaica more than 25 years ago, I will always be Jamaican, and I am emotionally committed to the well-being of the country. My motivation to help is driven by a confluence of factors - my love for Jamaica, an awareness of the pressing needs, and a belief in education as a key vehicle of success, with reading as its cohort."

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