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Education is just too important to have any barriers to access.

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, O.N., M.P.

Library Application

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To qualify for our program, the non-profit organization (school, community center, faith-based organization, etc) must fulfill the following requirements:

1) Be located in Jamaica

2) Wholly or primarily serve disadvantaged or at risk children and communities

3) Is or will become a lending library for students upon creation of library and receipt of donated books and/or other learning resources

4) Additionally, the organization agrees to provide two yearly updates to ROI on the status and success of the program. The update must be signed by a person authorized to act on the organization's behalf


All decisions made by Reading Owls International are final. 


To apply, click here to download a Word version of the application form. PDF version available below.

Enlivening a children's library_edited.j

The goal of this manual is to provide recommendations on how to create a child-friendly library space. Each school or organization should choose the guidelines that work best for their space, environment, and most importantly, their student population. There is no one right way to do this.

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Primer on partnerships in Jamaica.png

When Reading Owls invests in your organization, we ask that you become our partner in the fulfillment of our mission. A cornerstone of this partnership is helping us meet the fiduciary and moral responsibility we owe to our donors. Donors give generously because they believe in Reading Owls' mission, and their continued support is critical to the on-going viability of our organization.

Thank you again for partnering with us to create readers for life!                 

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library monitoring in Jamaica.png

After establishing a new library, Reading Owls provides three years of on-site support, including training, updated library protocols (where necessary) and continuous improvement recommendations to ensure continued success and sustainability.  

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Reading Owls is proud to have partnered with you on this journey to bring a thriving lending library to life in your school or organization. Your commitment to this project is one of the most powerful gifts you can ever give to your students. Your library will enhance all of the work being done in the classroom to foster a love of reading, which in turn will help students develop their literacy skills and ultimately, open up new worlds of possibility and opportunity in their lives.

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