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Education is just too important to have any barriers to access.

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, O.N., M.P.

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Book Donation Policy

A child should be able to picture himself in many of the books he reads.


Reading Owls International (ROI) appreciates your generous donation to our organization. With your help, we can imagine a world in which every child has the educational resources to help him or her succeed.


Books serve a variety of purposes for children. In some cases, your choice of a book may inspire a child, and help in the development of his or her self-esteem. A great and compelling book will also stretch their imagination, create excitement, and increase their love of learning.

Guidelines for Choosing Books:


  • All books donated to ROI should be appropriate for school-aged children between ages 3-17.

  • Donated books should be new or like new children’s book, in soft or hardcover. Hardcover picture books tend to be more durable, and are especially treasured by many of the children we serve. 

  • Choose books that are well illustrated, colorful, have strong and interesting plots.

  • Books should be 15 years old or newer in popular fiction and nonfiction (exception classics).

  • Select books that will introduce strong characters, as well as familiar objects, ideas, and predictable plots. Many kids enjoy being able to tell part of the story. Having repetitive texts, colorful illustrations, and familiar ideas can help in this process.

  • Choose books that celebrate strong and independent thinking among minority characters. Often a child’s first view of him or herself is through reading. Having strong role models will leave a lasting impression.

  • Look for books with historically accurate stories, and culturally relevant themes.


Reading Owls International does not accept:


  • Books with marks, wear and tear or writing of any kind.

  • Political, religious, ethnocentric, or culturally insensitive books.

  • Books written in a language other than English.

  • Textbooks, magazines or journals of any kind.

  • Home decorating, cookbooks, or wedding books.

  • Adult theme books - murder mysteries, spy thrillers, romance or anything with clearly offensive language in the title or book. 


Download summary version of book donation policy below. A full version is available here

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