Meet Reading Owls volunteer Sian: An inspiration to his community in Jamaica

Sian Green in the Reading Owls Library at Carron Hall Primary School, St. Mary, Eastern Jamaica

Sian Green grew up in the small village of Retirement in the parish of St. Mary, in eastern Jamaica.  After training as an educator he worked for the Ministry of Health on an innovative program to address community health issues through counseling and testing. This role allowed him to meet hundreds of everyday people, form deep community relationships and get to know the terrain of Jamaica quite well.

Nowadays, Sian leaves his home each morning at 7:00 am and returns by 8:00 pm.  In the hours in between he runs his restaurant, The Blue Skies Ice Cream and Patty Shop, and serves his community through his political work for the area of Saint Mary Central.  He spends hours addressing issues like water pressure and road development for the residents of his constituency.