Meet Reading Owls supporter, Nicola Smith-Kea: The "Connector"

Speaking to Nicola Smith-Kea, or "Nikki" is like a reunion with an old friend.  Nikki has clearly never met a stranger, and enjoys making connections and establishing and maintaining relationships. She is a part of an informal group of alumni from the University of the West Indies, who were getting together primarily to socialize when Nikki suggested that perhaps they could also use their network to raise funds in support of worthwhile charities in Jamaica.

Enter Reading Owls International, which was suggested by board member Peter Edwards.  Nikki contacted founder Elaine Dickson and was impressed by the group’s focus.  She said, “I love what Reading Owls was doing and committed myself to helping consistently and in a meaningful way. As an educator, having lectured at the University of the West Indies and the University of Maryland, and as a parent of a young and intellectually curious boy, I recognize the value of reading and the importance of providing books to facilitate a desire to read."