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Meet Michelle: Reading Owls board member and strategist


Michelle Lundquist has never been to Jamaica. Now that she is enjoying some much deserved free time, after a 20-year stint at Fidelity, it's a trip she is seriously thinking about.  After working in the fast paced world of finance, Michelle is enjoying the down time and unsurprisingly, she has taken the opportunity to increase her involvement in her volunteer activities.  One of these is Reading Owls International. 

Michelle first became involved with Reading Owls about five years ago, when Elaine Dickson, one of the organization's founders, talked to her about the work they were doing in Jamaica and even without any connection, she jumped right in.  Since then she has gradually increased her volunteer and donor participation level and is currently serving on the Board, a role she enjoys as it allows her to work with a diverse group of motivated individuals to accomplish important goals.  Michelle finds the progress that Reading Owls has made, in the short time that it has existed, to be nothing short of inspiring. One of the things that she is helping oversee is the critical data driven work of library evaluation and assessments that Reading Owls continually conducts.  It is her aim to assist the organization in capturing useful statistics to help it improve its delivery as well as provide supporters with useful information that showcases the impact of every dollar donated.

Michelle’s enthusiasm is palpable when discussing Reading Owls' mission and goals.  This is the thing about Reading owls, Michelle says, “You are doing important work, and at same time meeting fun people and building a network.”


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