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Meet Air Force Major Megan Barrett: the embodiment of service to others

Born in Jamaica, and raised in Boston, Megan Barrett has always wanted to help others and to be in service.  She pursued a nursing degree at Hampton University, and after graduation decided the best way to serve was by joining the US Air Force.  Megan's job as flight nurse has taken her to Japan, Germany, and parts of the US; she is currently stationed in Hawaii. 

Service also means giving back to her country of birth, and when Megan discovered Reading Owls International on social media, she became fascinated by the impact stories posted by the organization and the transformational work they were doing to change the educational landscape in Jamaica.  Megan thought the organization was doing such great work, that she started responding to its calls for donations.  Eventually, as she became more aware of the goals and the needs of the organization, Megan became a recurring, monthly donor, a critical step in helping to sustain grassroots nonprofits like Reading Owls.  When asked about her commitment, Megan explains, “I just think about what I would want my own kids to have. I urge the Reading Owls family to continue the critical work of making educational resources available for all children."

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