Meet Earl Green, PhD: Reading Owls project manager and an advocate for children at the margins

Dr. Green at Carron Hall Primary, in eastern Jamaica, inspecting the roof and structure of a potential Reading Owls library space.

It is very easy to become interested, and then active, in an organization when you find that its interests and goals are closely aligned with your own.  At least that is what Dr. Earl Green discovered after discussing Reading Owls International with its founders. He agreed to help in whatever way was needed and that almost blind assent has seen his role expand year after year.

Reading Owls, as Earl understands it, is on a mission to provide access to education for disadvantaged students who would otherwise be denied what he himself has benefited from.  Earl describes himself, half jokingly, as “a humble youngster from the bowels of the parish of St Mary in eastern Jamaica.”  He says that he was afforded the opportunity to attend schools from kindergarten to graduate school through programs largely funded by the taxpayers of Jamaica, and is cognizant of the fact that this is a privilege accorded to the very lucky few.  He feels deeply that he has a duty to extend himself to make the opportunities th