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Education is just too important to have any barriers to access.

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, O.N., M.P.



Experience Reading Owls' Jammin' for Books! Celebration

Winter 2020 - Special Issue

You are warmly invited to our Jammin' for Books! celebration on Saturday, March 7th, an unforgettable night on behalf of Jamaican school-children. As part of the evening's event, we will share stories of our growing impact and ongoing efforts to ensure all kids grow up with access to education and books.

boy reading in lbrary

Giving Thanks for our Reading Owls community

Year-end 2019 Issue

"My library card is like the key to a completely new life. The Reading Owls Library at my school provides a safe, relaxing place for me to escape the noisy and often confusing world in which I live, and to explore others. I am now surrounded by a whole new world of possibilities. Thank you Reading Owls International!"


Fueling the next generation of readers with new school libraries

Summer 2019 issue

Dear friends,
Sweet summer days are drawing to a close; my kids are back in school, and I am already nostalgic for carefree days stretching into lazy nights, filled with reading and bonding with my own children. Summer hasn’t left the tropical island of Jamaica though, and children there can still curl up in the sun with a good book and let reading take them to places unknown. 


The Joy of Reading (and Spring) as we open two more lending libraries

Spring 2019 Issue

It’s Spring and here in America, many young people’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of the results of their college application process. Not quite the romance that Lord Tennyson meant to convey, but more accurate in our day. Meanwhile, in Jamaica, many children are limited by their inability to imagine anything beyond their limited surroundings, and their access to the world outside of those environments is restricted because of a lack of resources.

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